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React, Node, Swift


Burst leverages modern technologies to help achieve global financial independence.

Traditional financial institutions are built on archaic infrastructure. As a result, middlemen eat away your hard-earned money.

Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, has the potential to solve these issues. But it's inaccessible right now - the only ways to get involved are through clunky, complex, and highly technical interfaces.

Financial opportunities should be easy and most importantly accessible. They're creating a more inclusive approach to the future of finance, with an app that is open to all.

They are a venture-backed startup funded by Pear VC 🍐.

Their story so far

Their team started out building a texting product called Message Monkey back in February. While the product had some early traction (our platform was used to send over 1M texts per month), they didn't feel passionate about the industry they were building in.

They spent the next few months looking for our next opportunity. They didn't write a single line of code and spoke to hundreds of students, professionals, and existing founders — this led us into the ✨magical ✨ world of DeFi!

They wanted to learn anything and everything, so we threw ourselves into whitepapers, articles, blogs, podcasts — all in an effort to be a part of the future of finance 💸.

Through this, they learned that getting involved in the space requires a bunch of technical knowledge, specifically experience in economics and computer science.

Finance and its future should be accessible to people of all backgrounds, and they think we found a way to make this happen: they're building an app that will allow everyone to earn more using DeFi.