Sirona Medical

Sirona Medical is a CA-based software company founded on a deep understanding of both the practice and business of radiology, is addressing the needs of today’s radiology practices with a novel cloud-native platform that unifies radiology IT applications onto a single, streamlined workspace with the goal of enabling radiologists to work as fast as they can think.

Mission: Sirona's mission is to improve the experience and efficiency of providing care for radiologists and their practices.

$150,000 - $175,000 yearly
At Sirona Medical we’re building tools for physicians to work as fast as they can think.  Many billions of patient images are acquired each year in the U.S., and nearly all of them are reviewed and diagnosed by a radiologist. In fact, 80% of healthcare data flows through radiology IT systems, and radiologists are among healthcare’s most tech-savvy and influential physicians. But they desperately need better, user-friendly software that cuts clicks and optimizes diagnostic time. Sirona is building a modern cloud-native and AI-powered operating system (“RadOS”) that unifies radiology IT onto a single, streamlined workspace. We’re a San Francisco, CA-based software company (with employees working from all over the world) founded on a deep understanding of both the practice and business of radiology.     Software Engineers (Frontend) at Sirona are responsible for the user-facing applications and services we develop for...
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